The Definitive Guide To Email Marketing (2017 Updated)

.Do you wanna grow?


The best way to do that is through email marketing.


Its like a free advertising service.

The only thing wrong here is that it’s no that easy.

We analyzed some email marketing experts and some normal email marketers and observed the best results.

We also noted the causes that why were some of the email outreach campaigns not working and while some of them worked like a rocket.

If you wanna grow successfully through email marketing you need to know the right way to do that.

After knowing the right way how how email outreach works you won’t be required to spend dollars on email marketing companies

…you will be able to do that yourself


to do successful email outreach free you need some email marketing tips and strategies to go ahead

…also some time

So lets dive into the topic…

email marketing

Lets… get started with the most important element of the topic

Build Your Email List

Before diving into how to do email marketing you must build your email list.


…how will you do email marketing

Before doing that you need to collect some emails listemails first.

Now you might think how to build email list

…you can build it by many ways

Some of the ways which I use I have explained them below…

Build Email List From Google Itself

The most preferred way is to collect emails from google…

…because it is the easiest way to do that

You can simply search for your keyword

…like i want to do email marketing for getting backlinks to my current article

If my keyword is “email marketing”


I search for email marketing

how to do email marketing

Now I get some results


Now you can simply go to tools like Semrush, Ahrefs


…some free tools like backlinkwatch

Put the URL of these results their and you will see the persons linking to them.

Just copy their website URL and use tools like

just put their websites their and it will show you their emails.

Just note it somewhere.

Build Email List From Relevant Sites

If you know some sites or customers that are likely to join you through email outreach.

Simply find their emails if they have a website.

You can find their emails through their contact us or about us page.

For example:

Lets say…

I visit and find a contact page there.



…and after going through the contact page

we found out some great stuff out there

Just take a look at that

email list

This way you can get emails from the websites you want

It will add up some targetted emails in our list.

Build Email List From Social Media

This way also works great for building up and adding some targetted emails to our list.

This way may help you get some targetted emails for your list.

For this…

simply join Twitter, Facebook and many other social platforms.

Just connect to relevant people and build relations with them by talking to them.

…but remember you have to build relationships with them.

By relationships I mean strong ones

…not just of 1 or 2 days.

And then you may talk to them then and there

but you can also ask for there email id’s

This technique works more than 85% of the total times.

And is one of the most famous techniques for building email list.

Collect Email Through Your Blog

If you have your own blog you can simply collect email through subscribe button

…you can put a subscribe box on your blog

like this one

subscribe email list

After collecting emails and building your email list you are ready to move forward.

Start Building Relations

The main thing where most of our analyzed results failed was…

…most people asked for direct favor

It sounds like selfish

To get something please give something.

It takes time

Firstly, start talking like friends

build as strong relationships as you can.

Email them daily as a friend


Hi Name

I founded you out on Source

I saw you their and thought it would be great to reach you out.

I feel very great that i founded you and regret that why i didn’t founded you earlier.

It’s great to talk to you.

Talk you soon


Your Name

Start Asking For Favor(Give Some Values)

When you ask for a favor make sure to provide values.

Don’t just ask for favor…

…let me explain

Suppose if you want to sell your service

Don’t just email like

Hi Name

Its great to email you and i thought this email would be a great help for you.

I found you need (brief description)

Recently we have published a service (Name) which (description).

Purchase it at a cost of (price).


Be like…

Hi Name

Recently we published a service (Name) which can help you (brief description).

I thought i would be a great fit as it would help you a lot.

If you would like to purchase it please do it.

As we offer it at a very cheap cost (price)

You can also get a free trail for (days)


Your Name

Don’t Ever Spam

Don’t just keep irritating and spamming

If you just send emails of your products and just spam…

…you are gone

We have tried it and people will just mark you as spam

After you are marked spam

No emails of your would reach that person

So be respectful and provide values often.

Use Services Like MailChimp

Simply sending emails isn’t enough.

To grab attention

…you need to send great emails

Which One Do You Like?

A simple email or an email like this one

emails marketing tips

So just like you…

Everybody likes the second one

So services like MailChimp are free

And offers you free creative email templates.

Send as many emails you can a day. It takes time but the results are worth the time spent.


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