Top Ways To Make Money From Blogging(2017 Updated)

make money blogging

How To Make Money From Blogging

When a person starts a new blog the first thing which occurs in mind is the ways to make money from blogging.

Blogging is not just like any other form of online income but it is different from all the rest.

In any other online forms of income their are some kind of limitations to make money. But…their are several ways to make money from a blog.

Their are no limitations for the sources to earn money through a blog. You can make money from blogging by any methods even you can invent your own.

But before starting to earn money through blog you first need to start an awesome blog. By awesome i mean that you need to start a great blog with great contents. Your contents should be useful to your viewers and should be great.

For making a blog their are several ways so its your choice which one you need to follow.

You can read these article for some help regarding making a blog:-

1. Start A Free Blog
2. Start A Paid Blog

After you choose your way and start a blog properly. Write awesome contents their and first try to gain some viewers.

And… now you are ready to start earning money through your blog.

Make money blogging is not an impossible task it’s just about knowing the right ways. You too can start making money through your blog from the below steps.

I will explain the process step by step from creating a blog to earning money through blog.

Start A Blog With Great Content

Only dreaming to earn money online through your blogging is not enough. Before starting to make money blogging you need to build relationships. You need to gain viewers and then convert them into your subscribers.

If you are successful in doing it you moved one step ahead in the course of making money through blogging.

This is only possible if you create great content which is helpful to you readers. So create the content and then read it like a reader and realize what a reader wants and improve.

Keep doing this until and unless you think the content is perfect.

This is the only secret in creating great content. The time when your readers start finding your information useful and great for them they will start getting converted into subscribers.

Maintain Your Subscribers

Many people gain subscribers but start noticing that they are also loosing some of them with time.

Do you know why subscribers from our blog starts decreasing?

This is because the quality of content start decreasing with time.

Always maintain the quality of your content and keep sending useful emails to your subscribers. Keep writing email to your subscribers but not spam. The email should always be welcoming and useful for your readers.

Never send email which you think are helpful for your views not just which you think are spam or affiliates.

Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Here we will discuss some of the best ways to make money from blogging. Making money blogging includes several ways and lets discuss some of them one by one.

Making Your Own Product Or Service


One of the most profitable way is making your own product or service. Like you can offer your own service you are good at or any product.

Like if you are good at info-graphics designing, web development or any such work you can offer it at cheap price.

People will like to buy it as they will trust you.

Non Direct Advertisements

Their are many websites like Adsense, MediaNet, Infolinks, etc. By signing up with these websites you can earn money through blog. They will display advertisement on your website and whenever someone click your advertisement.

You get paid for it.

So for starting on blogging it is a great choice to do it.

Direct Advertisement

Once you get a little forward in blogging. Making money with direct advertisement will be a great fit. In this you can directly contact companies related to your topic and ask them for an ad.

They may give you their ads and the best part is the price is fixed.

If the company pays you $500 per month for 1 ad clicks doesn’t matter. They will pay you $500 weather you get 10000 clicks or just 100 clicks.

Affiliate Marketing

Most of the bloggers use affiliate marketing for making money through blogging.

These days affiliate marketing is offered by almost all top sites. You can join them and after joining them you just need to pick product or service from there. And list it on your site and whenever someone buys it you will get some commission for the sale.

You can search weather someone provides affiliate program or not by searching on google.


Earning money from merchandise is very profitable. You can earn money through merchandise by many ways.

You can also earn money through blogging from merchandise. Read the above article to know the full information about merchandise.

My Story On Earning Money Through Blog

When i started with my blog i didn’t earned for about an year. It takes time to get started with making money from blogging.

But now i am passionate  about it and want to make blogging full time for me.

But their are endless ways which can be invented to make money from blogging. You cannot restrict these ways they can just start from 0 to thousands.

You can earn a lot that you can make blogging a full time career and earn from it.

So we will continue some more ways in the next article.

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