Top 15 Ways To Make Money Online (2017 Updated)

make money online

Wanna Know how to make money online?

These ways work fine anywhere. Weather you want to make money online in India, USA or anywhere around the globe.

Earning money online has always been an adventures journey.

Its easy to work from home rather than the 9 to 5 job and if it pays you well its awesome.

Do you even know the potential of earning money online? If you are aware of these proper steps and implement them right you can earn a lot.

About all of the ThatsOnTop readers found these ways out to be helpful. Many of our readers are also making money online by implementing these simple steps.

Many people find it difficult to invest money so we have made it comfortable for you. We will tell you about the ways on how to earn money online without paying anything. 

Believe me these ways works fine for students as well. It doesn’t have any age restriction. So stop searching earn money online without investment for students and focus on this article.

These ways are well tested by many people and have succeeded too. So, read these full article and try any way which best suits you.

…Don’t just leave if you find any of the ways boring as their are 20 of them. One or any of them might suit you and it might be at last.

Best Ways To Make Money Online


Most people think that starting to make money online is a very quick step.

…But it’s not

Although their are many ways to earn money online but starting to make money online from anywhere isn’t a very quick process.

It takes time and effort but the results you get after is worth your efforts and time.

3 Ways To Make Money Online Immediately

Become A Freelancer

If you have knowledge in any field such as computer, programming, designing, or anything. You may find lots and lots of work online which will pay you dollars.

It just needs some skills to master to become a freelancer. The first skill is giving good results to your clients. This helps you to make a client your permanent member. The second is your good communication techniques. The first thing a client will do before giving you work is talking to you about his needs. It needs to master your marketing skills and communication for getting clients.

You can start finding your clients for making money from different sites like UpworkHubstaff Talent, Elance.

Different Types Of Works

There are many people looking to get their work done fast. If you have the skill to help them you can make lots of money. You can start helping people for a low fees of $5 per work.

For starting $5 is also enough and that to for a single work.

Start helping people with their works on Fiverr, mTurk.

Start earning today in your free time and make lots of money online.

Give Your Advice

You can start giving your advice to many people who wan’t it. Many people want to get advise before starting anything. The best part in this is that you don’t need to expertise you in any field.

It’s as simple as you just have to be better than your client is. Whenever somebody want’s your advise you need to be better than the client to advise him.

You know that you just need to learn some skills. Many people are making money by becoming a consultant. Once you start you will earn a bit but once your advise help others and you start becoming famous in your field. People will pay you sometime even 5-6 thousand per hour for getting your advise.

Ways To Make Money Online (Requires Hardwork)

Become A YouTuber

You might not know that how much can you make out of YouTube. YouTube is platform which is tested by money and earn millions of money from YouTube.

Again making money online from YouTube is not a quick work. But with time its worth your time spent.

You just need to upload videos which are good. Either your videos are entertaining or they might be helpful for some people.

Quick Tips: If you want to grow your YouTube channel fast organically. You can simply start with entertainment industry. Entertainment videos are often to grow fast than any other niche of videos.

Or if you don’t have entertainment channel than you can read this article on how to grow your youtube channel.

Start Your Own Blog

Owning a blog is not a difficult task. Many people quit from blogging because their main motive is just to make money online very fast. And as such their is no method which can help you earn from blog very fast.

It takes a little time to get started with earning through a blog. You can create your own blog and get started with earning.

You just need to write article regularly and which are helpful to other people. Keep writing and you will start receiving visitors and always write good articles which are helpful. This helps you to convert your readers to regular readers.

And… you can get started with earning money by monetizing your blog. If you want to start a free blog and earn money through it you can read it.

And if you have some of investment to be put and wan’t to start your own website. You can read these articles.

What is a website By Shubham

Best Websites To Buy Cheap Domain Names

Best Websites To Buy Hosting

Remember: Free blog comes with free hosting and you don’t need to buy anything for your free blog.

Make Money From Social Media

It will be great if you earn money from one of your favorite works.

Everyone likes to maintain social media accounts.

So this step won’t need much effort.

You just need to have your fan following. If you don’t have your fan following start building one. Once you start building your fan following on your social media pages you are ready.

You just need to have a Facebook Page, Twitter Account or such pages. Build a fan following and then you can start monetizing your social media.

The bigger following base you posses the bigger amount you will be earning.

Earn Money From Merchandise

Again, this method is associated with your social following.

I am sure after reading this way you will get a bit more interest in social media.

You just need your social media following who loves you. After this you can make cool products with your brand name (page name). And wear your own products and paste your pictures and videos with your merchandise.

After this you can give your product links and share it with your audience. If your product really looks cool your followers will surely be interested in buying them.

Make Money Online(Requires Investing Time)

Write For Others

You can earn money for writing others. The money you can earn from his work is very much. You can make somewhat like $1000 for 1 article.

This sounds awesome so lets dive into how?

This work needs time before anyone will give you work. Many professional wan’t you to write for them and give you huge money. The online thing is that they are searching for the best writers as they are not getting it for free. So first you need to build our great portfolio which makes you look professional.

If you don’t know you can learn online how to write a very good post.

You can start writing for other’s in just a few steps. Start writing for others on iWriter and Scripted.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a well known way to make huge money online.

Earning money from affiliates can be one of the best decisions of your life. The best part is that you on’t need anything to get started.

Note: If you have a follower base or targeted audience its way more good.

The top eCommerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal provide affiliate services. They wan’t to get their product sold and in turn award you with great revenues.

You have to make sales of their products and will get a percentage from it. If you have followers you will be able to generate more sales and earn more. But if you don’t have anyone you might look for your family members who order thing online or neighbours. You can simply ask them to order things from you and you get revenues.

Offer An Awesome Product Or Service

Offering a product or service is an awesome business. You can make your own company out of this. Making a product may be a little difficult but its easy to start your service.

Like you can buy a domain and start your services like website development, or anything like that.

Promote your services on freelancing sites like offer services their at low prices. Once you gain audience transfer them to your site to get your services.

This is a very great method to make money online. This process if done right can turn your online service into your big company.

Become An Advertiser

Advertising work is very easy but needs some time. Just you need to do what is buy a domain and set up a website. You might want to read one of the great post by QuickUnderstand telling what is a website. After this you can start writing helpful articles and make your website very good and gain audience.

After this many companies in your website categories will approach you. They will want you to advertise them on your site.

They pay you very much sometime even $2500 to $3000 per month/per ad. Suppose you just get 3 ads per month you can make about $8000 per month. It means around lacks of money per month.

Become A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the best businesses in these day. It is expected that digital marketing will the highest paid job in future. Their are many websites and companies which wan’t to grow.

You can become a digital marketer and tell them the techniques to grow online. You can teach them the techniques to grow online. As online growing is one of the best methods today to grow business.

If you help your first clients to grow successfully People will prefer you very much and will approach like whatever. Some growing digital marketers even earn around $320(Rs.20,000) per client. They are just growing digital marketers now.

Imagine how much a grown up and famous digital marketer would earn from a client.

Online Earning Jobs Which Pay A Little Less (Easy Ways)

Remember: Easy ways often pay you less everytime. Same goes with making money online. These ways pay you less but are easy you can start earning through these ways today.

Online Paid Surveys (Make Money Online)

Attending a paid survey is one of the easiest method to get started with your online income. Online surveys are the surveys conducted by different brands. The brands conducting these paid surveys ask for public opinion on their products or service so that they could tell people about their positive reviews.

Note: Always write a survey in the favor of the brand you are reaching out.

They are not gonna pay you just for writing rubbish for them. They want it for their sale increase. So, they wan’t good reviews for their product or service.

Many websites conduct fraud paid surveys and are totally fraud. Many of them take money as joining fee or any other.

…But wait

Their are many such website providing you genuine paid surveys. I will name some of the best ones out of them to you. Some of the websites with paid surveys are:-

1. Swagbucks

2. YouGov

3. Toluna

4. Vivatic

5. MySurvey

6. Crowdology

.. And their are many more. You can checkout complete list after the end to get more website for earning money through paid surveys.

Earn Money By Clicking Ads

This may prove to be one of the fastest ways to make money online fast. It just depends all on your time that how much time do you spend with it.

We all know that big brands advertise for their product or service as they wanna reach out to many people. They wan’t the people to know about them and hence they choose to advertise their product or service.

Getting paid for just spending some time in viewing other’s ads isn’t a bad idea to get started with earning money online. In fact its worth the time spent in comfort.

Today you have a lot of chooses in choosing a website to sign up and start getting paid for viewing ads. You can simply sign up for these websites and even some of them send you sms too. You sometimes even get paid out for reading those small sms on your mobile phone.

Isn’t that awesome?

It is but time is important. You can spend 20-25 minutes on your PC viewing ads per day.

Remember: The more time you spend, the more is your income output.

Make Money Through Captcha Filling

If you might have commented on different blogs or made online transaction you might have seen a captcha code to be filled out by you. It looked somewhat similar to thismake money online in india

Most of the people are very familiar with these type of boxes.

These are called captcha codes. And if you wan’t any job regarding data entry it’s the best.

You might have never thought that some day you might earn money by filling out these captcha codes.

But their are many such websites which pay you for filling out captcha codes. Captcha codes filling websites may land you with low revenue or income.

But… If you do it regularly they can land you with great revenues.

Captcha Filling Websites List

If you need any help or advice you can contact me in the comment section below.

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