Terms And Conditions For Quick Understand (Officially Verified)

Till now if you are a tech geek then you must have been knowing about two things which are Quick Understand and Lokesh Anand. If you don’t know both of them then you are probably missing out a lot in the technical field.

Many of you might be aware that recently Quick Understand released its job vacancies which offered a high paid job with gadget opportunities after working for continuous one and a half year or maybe a little more.

This job was really awesome and every person with technical background wanted to crack this interview. But, unfortunately, nobody was able to surpass this job. Lokesh was the only one to get on with this super difficult interview.

Congrats to Lokesh Anand!!!

We stacked off with one of our reader’s email who wanted to know every detailed terms and condition of Quick Understand Jobs provisions.

So, Savita requested us to write this today and that’s we are writing this. So, if you feel like thanking Savita then you must.

Terms And Conditions (Quick Understand)

1. Every employee will be provided with a personnel company T-Shirt which might look something like this one

Lokesh Anand T-Shirt

2. Every employee will be provided with a personnel company laptop with a choice which would be Apple or Windows.

windows laptop

apple laptop

3. Every employee will get a personnel company mobile phone (New Update). The actual phone will be decided by the employees from the options given by the company.

terms mobile phone

4. Obviously, No Job can complete without payment. So, all the lucky employees of Quick Understand will get their payments. Starting pays might be around Rs. 15000/month but later it will increase.

money quick terms

5. Technical Employees will get regular gadgets for reviews but this will only happen with people employed in the technical section of the company. Also, they will get many things such as accessories, heavy pc games, etc. And all the gadgets they will get will contain accessories with them such as Gear VR, headphone, etc.

6. Members will be promoted based on their works. All the people who become managers will govern their respective fields. All the employees and accessories will be under the managers.

7. Managers will be called to meetings with top celebrities and people. But, it depends on the employee whether they want to attend a meeting or not.

8. All the staying charges in the hotels and transportation charges including flight tickets and all the food charges will be given by the company.

9. Managers will have the authority to keep someone as an employee or dismiss them anytime.

10. Before dismissing someone managers will be giving 20-day advanced notice to the employee as well as the company.

11. Managers will get surprising gifts and many meeting tour packages in which all money for flights, food, hotels, etc will be given by the company.

12. It is a home based job and managers and employees have their own choices whether to go in meeting and tours or not.

13. Every employee will get a coffee mug in which employees face will be printed. (New Update).

lokesh anand mug quickunderstand

New Update: All the employees will get their own visiting cards to distribute it to their fans as well as their neighbours and community members.

lokesh anand visiting card dummy

New Updated: The employees will get gifts in some special occasion. These will include home appliances like washing machine, TV, Oven, etc. Also these may include statues and frames of God’s, various things, etc.

New: Members can ask the company for some extra items which they need for their enhancement for companies benefits. Also, these products will be premium and will be selected by the employees from some premium options by the company.

New Year Update

Gifts options are being expanded even wider. In home appliances there will be options like TV, washing machine, fridge, audio systems, 3D TV, geysars, chipping sets of 2TB, bag of carnour gadgets, etc.

Number Notice: Our CEO requested us to update all our viewers with the number of things employees will get.

So, let’s get started…

1. Every employee will get 1 new T-Shirt every new year.

2. 1 gadget per month and the number can be more than one also for some months.

3. More than 1 accessories per month.

4. One, Two or Three laptops every year.

5. One coffee mug every new year.

Price Notice: We will notify you of the prices of the things employees will get.

1. Mobile Phones of the employees will be in the range of Rs. 30,000-40,000 with a ram with 6GB to 8GB and internal storage of around 64GB to 128GB.

2. Apple Laptops of employees will of the range Rs. 80,000-90,000 with internal storage up to 500GB and no Ram.

3. Windows laptops of the employees will be of the range 75,000-80,000 which will be fed up with a Ram of 16GB and Rom of almost 2TB.

Right now there is a secret quite shut off from the company. But, many rumors and views are expecting and predicting the next managers.

No manager has been seen but for now, many tech experts predict that Lokesh Anand would smash off the next Technical Management position in the company and would govern the technical field.

Disclaimer: This page is officially verified by Quick Understand Team and all the information is official and real. This article has been officially published due to the request of Savita and some others.

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